Spinone Italiano Temperament and Lifespan


Spinone Italiano is a versatile hunter with excellent working qualities and high intellectual abilities. This is a bold and hardy dog with a keen sense of smell, bright hunting passion. Spinone can hunt in any terrain, including ice water, the swamp and the most dense and thorny thickets. Even if the dog gets hurt, it stops and courageously brings what he has started to an end.

For centuries Spinone was popular among the representatives of the French nobility, and among the poor it was an excellent companion for hunting. Later, its popularity began to decline, but with the end of the XIX century, the breed began to revive again, and today Spinone dogs are quite in demand in Italy. The dogs' lifespan is about 12-14 years.

How Much Does a Spinone Italiano Cost and Price Range

The price varies from $450 to $1000 depending on such factors as the dog quality, the breeder and the place where you are buying the dog. Take into account that the pet quality dog costs more than the breed or show quality animal.

Spinone Italiano Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Spinone Italiano looks presentable and impressive: it is a large sturdy dog with the body of a square format, broad chest and strong muscled limbs. It has a large head, face with a beard and mustache that make the doggie look serious and funny at the same time, small triangular drop ears, expressive eyes with a clear and kind eyes - their color can vary from dark yellow to dark brown. Height of the breed is between 58 to 70 cm, weight is 28-37 kg.

Wool of the Italian Spinone is of medium length, slightly wavy, thick, stiff to the touch. By the way, this dog has got its name was thanks to its wool as the "spin" in Italian means "thorn".

Color of this breed can be either solid white or white with red or brown spots or specks.

Spinone Italiano Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Italian Spinone is a serious dog which is focused on hunting. It is playful at home. It loves to have fun and frolic jump and it is a great pleasure to do this in public. Do not forget that the pet needs a sedentary life and do not refuse it when it wants to play with you.

Spinone is a very sociable and friendly pet, it will find an approach to each and everyone. Your four-legged friend will be flattered if you do not treat it as a pet, as well as a full member of the family.