Molossus Temperament and Lifespan


Molossus is a dog which needs to respect its owner, and if it considers the owner to be unworthy man who can't take the place of the leader - nothing will work out. The desire to dominate is very developed in these dogs.

That's why a dog from this group, especially Central Asia and the Caucasian Shepherd, should be kept by those who have already had an experience of keeping a dog. "Feed the dog with a shovel," is not a metaphor. There are really such cases when people buy Molossus, a year and a half after they suddenly realize that the dog becomes uncontrollable and dangerous to others and the owner himself. Then the dog is put on the chain which can make it even angrier as it is very freedom-loving animal.

But if the dog owner felt worthy of respect -you won't find the best guardian angel. Guard instinct in Molossus is very strong! This dog doesn't afraid of danger and will selflessly defend its master, his family and property till the last breath.

Molossus dog belongs to the second group according to the FCI classification. This includes the Caucasus and Central Asian Shepherd Cane Corso, German and Bordeaux dogs, English Mastiffs, Rottweilers, and many others.

The lifespan of the dogs is about 10-13 years.

How Much Does a Molossus Cost and Price Range

As Molossus is an extinct breed you can't buy it now. However, it is known that it is the ancestor of Mastiff which costs about $1000-$1500 depending on the breeder and the dog quality where the show quality puppies cost more.

Molossus Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Molossus breed is a group of large dogs with well-developed muscle mass, powerful jaws and massive bone structure. Fearless recklessly, strong and durable, they cause mixed feelings of admiration and fear at the same time. Height: females: 70-91 cm, males: 70-91 cm

Weight: Female: 54-77 kg, male: 73-100 kg. According to the standard the dogs can be of yellowish-brown, brindle, apricot color.

Molossus Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Molossus dog was named so in honor of the ancient tribe Molossians living on the territory of modern Greece. Initially, the dog were bred and used to participate in the battles. A pack of dogs of this breed, equipped in armor, ran into the ranks of the enemy, sowing panic in its path and death. The army, which had the well- trained dogs, had a distinct advantage over the enemy. A special popularity had the dogs fighting with lions, tigers and Gladiators.

The most similar to the ancient Tibetan is Mastiff phenotype, modern Caucasian and Central Asian shepherd dogs, which are purebred, with serious natural selection. In addition to the magnificent exterior of an ancient ancestor, they have inherited the strongest immune system, absolute fearlessness, independence and ability to make decisions. The descendants of the Tibetan Mastiff, have not lost their working properties and the quality, continuing to this day to serve, guarding herds and human dwellings from any danger. They are the best guard dogs.