Have You Ever Given a Serious Thought to Advantages of Christian Boarding Schools in Comparison with their Public Counterparts? Some Interesting Facts for Your Consideration:


Have you ever had any doubts regarding the fact that it is quite possible that conventional public schools are not in position to provide your Christian offspring, children and teenagers, with the adequate learning experience? There are plenty of reasons to support your doubts. In the first placeĆ” conventional public schools do not encourage religious world outlook, whether it is a Christian one or of some other religion, look vbcover.com/walden-university-reviews.html. They simply do not condone teaching religious concepts. Secondly, since the religion concepts are not tolerated, it is quite possible that your Christian teenagers are open to suffering a negative experience in public schools. For instance, they have to be taught various scientific theories and concepts that would conflict with their religion postulates, such as the origin of human beings or the concepts related to the genesis of our planet and the universe as a whole. Thirdly, the conflict between the public school curriculum and policies and the religious concepts within which you want to educate your offspring might lead your teenagers to receiving bad grades by refusing to do reports on subjects which your religion does not agree with. As a result, your offspring may get abused both emotionally and mentally; they might be criticized or even made fun of by other students who do not share their Christian principles and life style, such as sexual and drugs abstinence. All that could put too much psychological pressure on your teenage children.

What is the way out of this predicament? Sending your kids to a Christian boarding school might open a lot of wonderful possibilities for stress-free, convenient and high standard education for your children, which will be in full agreement with yours and theirs Christian world outlook.

What should one Know about Christian Boarding Schools?

What is the principle difference between a boarding school and a traditional public school? The principle difference is the duration of the term over which students are kept at the school. With boarding schools this terms is much longer, for instance from a week to a teaching semester or even an academic year. As far as the rest is concerned they are quite typical normal schools. The architectural design of the school buildings provides for the purposes of the boarding, that is, there are plenty of rooms for students to sleep in, prepare their classroom tasks, rooms for recreation, sport exercises, libraries etc, so that explains why the schools are called the boarding schools. A boarding school provides excellent facilities for all educational, religious, recreational and health care needs of the students that are staying at it.

What is the best advantage of a Christian boarding school from the point of view of educational experience? Since all the students follow the principles and world outlook of the Christian faith and, there fore, share the same spiritual background, your children will be entitled to a much more rewarding, pressure-free and focused educational experience, which will not conflict with the student's spiritual emotional and mental matrix. More than that, the activities of the students are not limited to attending classes and preparing for them, that is, strictly education. The students also take active part in attending group sports, clubs, charity services, and much more, which makes their boarding school stay more educational and enriches their experience considerably.

The Christian faith-based boarding schools are divided into three main types: day boarding schools, weekly boarding schools and more traditional four-year schools for 9th-12th graders, in which students reside during the complete academic year, leaving their school for holidays one or two times a year.

Let us have a look at the activities of these three types of Christian boarding schools in greater details:

1. A long term four-year school. Who would this type of boarding school be good for? It would be advisable to choose this type of boarding schools for teenagers who find it difficult to stay out of trouble and need constant monitoring on part of another person to prevent bad influences, sometimes constant qualified supervising and counselling by more than one individual is insistently recommended. The traditional four-year Christian boarding schools will be ideal for teenagers of this type, since students reside at the school most part of the year and receive a leave to visit their homes during summer vacations, sometimes more often, that all varies from school to school.

2. A weekly boarding school. If a teenager is in need to be taken away from everyday influences and distractions of the neighbourhood community, but still strongly needs to communicate with the family on at least weakly bases to make good progress in education, that it would be advisable to look the way of a weekly boarding school. It can be an efficient and a beneficial alternative to a four-year boarding school with full cycle of academic year. This type of boarding school functions on a weekly basis. The students spend five working days of a week staying at the school and for the weekend they are allowed to go home and spend the time with their families. In this way they can get excellent education without the trouble of negative influence on the part of their neighbourhood peers.

3. A day school. The last option left for those wishing to use the educational and spiritual services of Christian boarding schools is a day boarding school. This type of boarding school is a typical four-year long term school, but with a possibility to accommodate students who attend the school classes and activities during the day, but for the night and week-end they go back to their homes and families. It goes without saying that this type of students will not be able to receive the entire Christian boarding school educational experience in full, but just some fraction of it, though this fraction is quite ample. In case your teenage kids experience problems at a public school it would be a wise alternative to move them to a daily attendance of a Christian boarding school.