Comparison of Characteristics Of The Most Popular Roofing Materials


Usually, a roof has to be changed or replaced every eight or ten years. It's extremely important to choose the proper material from which the roof of your house would be produced. In this way, you'll minimize your expenses; diminish the environmental pollution in the process of changing and repairing your roof, save your time and effort, lower the energy expenses, at the same time increasing the attractiveness of your house.

Remember that the roof is necessary not only to improve the look of your house but also to protect it from negative weather conditions such as rains, storms, snow, strong wind, etc. That's why while choosing the proper roofing material pay special attention to its durability and efficiency in protecting your residence from extreme weather conditions, more

Further we're going to discuss the main advantages and disadvantages of the most widely used roofing materials which include composition Shingles, Wood Shingle and Shakes, Clay Tile and Slate, and Metal. Let's discuss each type of roofing materials in detail.

Asphalt Composition Shingle Roofing

This roofing material is widely used in North America and is usually produced from fiberglass or recycled products which are based on paper and can be mixed with such a material as asphalt. The latter is further covered with specifically colored mineral granules. The main advantage of composition shingles is their low price, as well as installation cost. In addition, this material is extremely durable and will properly protect your house for about ten-fifteen years. Only a few composition roofs need to be maintained or repaired about every eight years.

However, this material has a few disadvantages as well. It can be influenced by the strong wind so that the shingles can be blown off. These can also crack, curl and steak under such weather conditions as great heat and heavy rains. This will not only spoil the look of your house but will ruin its main protection. A home with composition shingles usually needs re-roofing a lot of times in its lifetime, requiring more financial expenses, effort and harming the environment.

Clay Tile and Slate Roofing

This type of roofing is very popular due to its attractiveness. Tile works great in combination with a southwestern, Spanish Mission or Italian style, while slate can be frequently found on more upscale houses. These are completely natural materials that don't burn, can't be damaged by insects or some other elements. At the same time, this material is very heavy and can become a real stress for your house's structure. This is the reason why this material is recommended to be avoided for the houses which are located in the areas of seismic activity.

Some other disadvantages of clay tile and slate consists in the fact that installing these materials can be too expensive due to the numerous difficulties if this process as well as the price of the materials. Another problem that can appear while installing this type of roofing is the need for additional roof support systems to be installed because of great weight of those materials. Unfortunately, even with the usage of extra support for the weight of these materials the building can be subjected to the total collapse in the fire or earthquake.

Pay attention to the fact that tile and slate are extremely fragile, so they can easily crack or be broken if stepped on. The most regular maintenance rules involve cleaning out gutters and painting. In case of loosening of the tiles in strong wind, they can be blown away causing other damages to the neighboring structures. In addition, the colours of these materials can fade away in the course of time and you'll need to pay more money to bring back the initial look of your look.

Wood Shingles and Shake Roofing

These sorts of materials will bring a new beautiful look to your house. They are usually made of red wood, cedar, or cypress.

Unfortunately, the process of installing wood shingles and shakes requires much professionalism, so it's better to use the help of the skilled specialists. Most of people choose these materials due to their nice look but not durability. Unfortunately, contemporary wood products are usually produced from second growth wood. It means that the wood can shrink and become brittle, causing the roof damage.

Wood Shingles and Shake Roofing require much maintenance as well as your observation whether it rots or some mold appears on the roof's surface. Check up your roof regularly in order to prevent insects and rodents from harming it.

Metal Roofing

Nowadays, metal roofing is very popular as it is able to offer almost any style to complement your house. For instance, aluminum can be formed in any shape and look like Shingle, Slate, Tile, or Shake.

Although the price of a metal roof is somewhat higher than other roofing materials, you can save your money in future. In some states because of the high influence of negative weather conditions, a metal roof can even diminish the homeowner's insurance. The matter is that metal can't be influenced by even the most extreme weather conditions. And aluminum doesn't deteriorate.

In addition, metal is known with its lightweight characteristics that make it easy and convenient to use and install. So, this material isn't able to ruin the building's structure because of an earthquake or fire. Besides, metal roofing products will perfectly protect your house from sparks of fire flying from the outside.